Medical & Pharmacy

Clinical Practice Guidelines

The University of Arizona Health Plans (UAHP) recommends and develops clinical practice guidelines in order to support physicians and other clinical providers in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of our members.

Clinical practice guidelines are recommendations to support clinical decision-making when developing an individualized patient treatment plan. We encourage our members to work with their health provider in determining the best treatment that meets specific needs.

Clinical Practice Guidelines are:

  • Based on valid and reliable clinical evidence or a consensus of health care professionals in that field;
  • Selected with consideration of the needs of our members;
  • Adopted in consultation with our contracted providers;
  • Based on National Practice Standards and;
  • Developed by health care professionals and based on a review of peer‐reviewed articles published in the United States when national practice guidelines are not available.

Drug Formularies

Lists of Covered Drugs

Our health plans each have their own drug formulary and are updated periodically. Our drug formularies represent the prescription therapies believed to be a necessary part of a quality treatment program.


University Care Advantage (DSNP)

  • Comprehensive Formulary 


University Family Care (Acute) and Banner – University Family Care (ALTCS)

  • Drug List